The charred remains of what was once a bar and restaurant in Carrollton are expected to be removed in the coming months.  Council members decided at their meeting on Monday night to put the Viking’s Club project out to bid, despite legal proceedings against one of the bar’s owners.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Administrative Assistant Terry Bell:

Terry Bell

The Missouri State Fire Marshal’s Office could not determine the exact cause of the August fire at the bar and restaurant on Mason and Shanklin Streets, but investigators believed it was intentionally set.  Tiffany Chilton, 24, who managed the bar with her mother, was charged in October with one count of arson.  Her case was moved to Ray County on a change of venue.  She is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday at 10:30 a.m.

Council also discussed demolishing two other homes that were damaged by fire.  One of those properties, a condemned house on 3rd Street, is expected to be torn down with city funds.  Bell said the owner cannot afford to pay to have the property leveled.  “We went through the process of the 30 day notice and then we have given her 21 days to comply.  I think she is going to try to board that property up as best as she can and we will see where that goes.  We might have to take it down ourselves.  There’s another place that burned and the homeowner’s intention is to tear it down themselves.”

Bell added that if an owner does not have insurance and cannot pay to have their structure demolished, then the costs would be added to the real-estate taxes on the property as a way to reimburse the city.