USDA has deregulated the biotech trait, MON 87705, in Monsanto’s Vistive® Gold soybeans. This completes the regulatory processes in the United States, allowing for field testing and seed production to take place. All field tests and seed production will be conducted under strict stewardship guidelines until Monsanto has obtained the necessary regulatory approvals in the key soybean export markets.
Joe Cornelius, Monsanto global technology lead for food quality traits, says – Monsanto worked closely with the food industry, health and nutrition communities and agricultural sector to bring a biotechnology trait with direct consumer benefit. Mary Lee Chin, President, Nutrition Edge Communications, says – consumers want to reduce saturated and trans fats in their diets, but they find it challenging to abandon favorite fried and baked foods. Vistive Gold soybean oil offers nutritional benefits while allowing consumers to enjoy the foods they love.
The improved soybeans produce soybean oil with 60 percent less saturated fat with significantly increased monounsaturated fat, which leads to substantially improved oil stability. Because of the increased stability, Vistive Gold soybean oil does not have to be hydrogenated, and, therefore, does not contain trans fat.
NAFB News Service