NORBORNE, Mo. — Carroll County Presiding Commissioner Stan Falke informed KMZU News that the sandbagging efforts at Norborne High School have concluded for the day. Good news appears to be on the horizon, as the levees have held up thanks to the generous hours donated by volunteers.

“From a logistics standpoint, we had a great day with a multitude of volunteers — probably as many as 200, maybe 250, counting the folks down on the levee,” Falke said. “We filled cumulatively through tonight close to 80,000 bags of sand, dispatching them down to the critical points on the levees, and for now, we’re hearing good news. Our levees are holding and we’re keeping the water where it belongs. As far as levees, they’re holding up just fine.”

While this is a tremendous step in securing the levy, the operation will pick back up tomorrow, and volunteers would be greatly appreciated.

“Tomorrow (Wednesday) if there are volunteers available, we will be back in session at the Norborne High School, filling more sandbags,” Falke said. “Around 8:30 (Wednesday morning) will be when we’ll start off, but whenever they can come, and (even) if they can only work a few hours that would be great. They would be greatly appreciated.”

At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, the Missouri River near Waverly was recorded at 31.23 ft. — still over one-tenth of a foot higher than the prior record, which was set in 1993, but also down from the high point of 31.61 ft., which was recorded overnight.