Hundreds of volunteers zeroed in on high-traffic areas in Marshall on Saturday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Organizer David Kemm:

David Kemm

“We had the highest turnout ever,” Kemm said.  “I was expecting about 180 people.  We had well over 280.  Missouri Valley College showed up with football players and students, the community came out, and youth organizations also came through for us.  We worked over three hours and picked up about 150-200 bags of trash.”

The event started about 30 years ago when a film crew came to town to shoot a movie about the founding of Butterfield Youth Services.  Kemm said he wanted to launch a litter cleanup event to make a good impression.  “When I first set out to hold this event I had 25 people.  I never dreamed it would be this great.  Marshall has really supported me.  It has exceeded my expectations.”

After picking up all the trash they could find Saturday, volunteers gathered at Indian Foothills Park for lunch and prize giveaways.  Kemm thanked a number of local businesses for donating items.