JEFFERSON CITY — Elections across the state of Missouri will be effected by a new Voter ID law, which took effect today, according to a release from the office of the Missouri Secretary of State.

The new law will require voters in future elections across Missouri to present some form of identification to be able to cast their ballot.

A photo identification is not required, however, it is recommended, as it is the best way for election officials to identify voters.

The new law allows three provisions so that people can vote in the state of Missouri. First, a driver or nondriver license, U.S. Passport or valid Military I.D. can be used to verify a voter’s identity.

In addition, citizens can provide information such as a paycheck or bank statement with their current address and a signed statement confirming their identity.

Finally, a registered voter who does not possess any form of identification will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot. The vote will count if the voter goes back to their polling location before polls close on the day of a given election or if their signature on their cast ballot matches a signature on their filed voter registration card.

For more information, visit the Missouri Secretary of State Elections Division website.