The Brookfield Area Growth Partnership is working to construct a “Walk of Heroes.” Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Program Coordinator Marcia Cunningham:

Marcia Cunningham

The idea for the project began with the restoration of their soldier monument. “To continue up on that, we have started a Downtown Revitalization Program as well. And we want to start that in the Twin Parks,” said Cunningham, “And so on either side of the Soldier Statue is the East Twin Park and the West Twin Park. And one of the first phases that we want to do is to create a walk of heroes.”

Cunningham said it is an opportunity to raise funds while honoring their heroes. The two new sidewalks will be poured parallel to the Soldier’s oval.

“Lining those sidewalks will be granite bricks. And those granite bricks will be engraved with the names of our military men and women who are currently serving, have served, or that have long since passed. But anybody that would like to purchase a brick in honor of a loved one are welcome to do so.”

Bricks can be purchased for $100 a piece. The Brookfield Area Growth Partnership hopes to sell 1,000 bricks. They plan to end sales by Veteran’s Day, which is November 11th. They hope to pour and dedicate the sidewalk by Memorial Day in the spring.

Their office located at 207 N. Main in Brookfield. They can be reached by phone at (660) 258-7278. Cunningham’s email is [email protected].