Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Superintendent Dr. Scott Patrick:

Dr. Scott Patrick

The Warrensburg Board of Education is considering a debt service levy increase that would go before voters in the April election.  Superintendent Dr. Scott Patrick said the district has various options to consider.  “What’s before the board right now is rather or not they’re going to put an issue on the ballot for April of 2015, “said Patrick, “Then, if they do decide to do that, that have to decide rather that will be no tax increase which will keep the current debt service levy where it’s at or it could be up to a .10 increase in the debt service levy.”

The “no increase” option would bring approximately $12.5 million dollars in funds, while the .10 increase would produce $19 million.

Dr. Patrick explained how a portion of the generated funds would be utilized.  “Renovating or remodeling our existing lecture room which is, basically, our performing arts theater at the high school or possible even constructing a new performing arts center,” said Patrick, “Also at the high school would be a more secure entrance.  We’ve got a temporary solution right now and, along with that, is the remodeling of existing rooms to create science laboratory  areas.”

Infoormation gathered through a community survey will be taken into consideration as the board makes their decision on the matter.   A final vote is expected by mid-December.