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WARRENSBURG, Mo.- Warrensburg City Council met for the first time this month last night.  After the closed meeting and study session the call to order was at 7 p.m.  Roll call was taken and the City Manager and Director of Finance both gave their reports to start the meeting. After the agenda was adopted a presentation was first on the list.  Patrick Young of HDR Engineering Inc. brought forward results of the 2015 annual sewer rate review for the City of Warrensburg.  The presentation consisted of a short background of recent projects completed in the past and charts that had projections after a recent comprehensive sewer study that took place.  As requested by Mr. Young, in time, a rate increase needs to be made in order for future revenue requirements to balance out with expenses. The numbers brought forward to the council were with a 2.5% rate increase and a 4.5% rate increase. The City Council concluded they would like to see projected numbers with a 3.5% rate increase. Most of the council was in favor of this proposition as the projections and charts were very detailed and informational.

Warrensburg City Council Members

Warrensburg City Council Members

Next on the agenda was a resolution supporting and authorizing staff to apply for a FY2016 Historic Preservation Fund grant for a Holden Street commercial Historic District national register application.  Basically the resolution would give the city permission to hire a preservation consultant to help create the application.  A petition of at least 60% of business owners was needed before the resolution could be brought forth. In turn, this resolution with the grant, make the downtown area a “historic site”. The resolution was approved by the City Council.  Following the resolution was the second reading of an ordinance brought forth at last month’s meeting and was in regards to authorizing the city to execute a contract amendment with Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, incorporated for convention and tourism services.  After the second reading of the ordinance, the council approved unanimously.

First and Second readings of four different ordinances were next on the list for the evening.  The ordinances included a rezoning request on Mitchell Street, the amending of an ordinance concerning the adopted FY2015 annual budget for general administration, executing a contract amendment with Piper Jaffray & Co. for financial services, and executing a contract for land planning services.  All ordinances were adopted by the council after second readings.

Last on the agenda was other business appearances to the council.  First, a request for city council to review a resolution was brought forth by a Parks and Recreation member.  The request is to raise the reserve amount from $20,000 to $50,000, it will come to the council in form of the amendment of a resolution.  Second, was a request from the Teachers’ Warehouse of Johnson County for $500 out of the Stevenson Fund for teacher supplies, the council approved the request.  Next a representative from the Visitor Bureau provided examples of the new interior and exterior signage for the center. After a few suggestions from the council the signage was approved.  Business appearances were concluded with a presentation by Main Street representatives requesting funds for a mural project.  The request was for a total of $1,500 to complete the project that would in turn be a welcome sign for the City of Warrensburg.  The council gave the go-ahead to grant the Main Street reps the requested funds.

Warrensburg City Council will meet again Monday, July 27th, 2015 at the usual time of 7 p.m. in the council chambers.