Area residents are being asked to exercise caution over the summer months. The Warrensburg Fire Department is on a campaign to keep everyone safe from grill fires this season. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Pounds talk with Fire and Emergency Prevention Officer Jeremy VanWey:

Jeremy VanWey

“We definitely want everybody to be safe. We have some tips we give everyone for grill safety,” VanWey said. “Number one is making sure everyone uses grills outdoors. Don’t use them in the garage because the fumes can get into the house.”

15 people were killed as a result of grill fires last year and $75 million in damages were reported.

“We have a hand full of fires every year that start on or near a grill,” said VanWey. “They can catch the deck or house on fire or even accumulated leaves on the ground around the house.”

VanWey asks that area residents keep these tips in the back of their minds this grilling season.