Geographic Information Systems for the City of Warrensburg are being brought together.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Manager Paula Hertwig-Hopkins:

Paula Hertwig-Hopkins

The technology collects different kinds of information about parcels of land in the County.

“Mapping is a part of it.  Collection of data that matches up, that is part of that parcel, is important information to have,” said Hertwig-Hopkins, “So a basic area to start is, ‘What’s your basic layer for your community?’  And I would way that the basic layer is, first of all you have the aerial maps, but then over the aerial maps is where you develop different layers that’s going to give you different mapping information.”

Other layers may map out utility lines, tax codes, or park acreage.

A discussion among local agencies that have GIS will be hosted by city and county officials in June.