Click here to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Recreation Supervisor, Jayme Gee.

Jayme Gee

Everyone thinks their pet is the prettiest, well here’s a way to show of you furry, feathered, or scaled best friend and possibly win a prize.  “This photo contest is for all pets,” said Gee, “We have a booth that is up at Old Drum Coffee House and Bakery.  There is a board down there that we post the pictures on and then the public can come by and vote on their favorite.  The way they vote is through pennies, it’s a penny a piece but they can vote as many times as they would like.”

This contest also helps to support a good cause for or pets and pet owners as well.  “We are trying to raise money with the dog park committee, here in Warrensburg, to build a dog park,” Gee said, “In the past it had been just a dog photo contest, but we’ve opened it up, so cat lovers, if you have a lizard, a bird, you’re more then welcome to enter those pets as well.”

What you need to enter and where:

You need a 4×6 picture of your animal buddy, a completed entry form, and $15 for the entry fee.

You can pick up entry forms at the Old Drum Coffee House and Bakery, located at 211 North Holden Street, or at the community center, located at 445 E. Gay Street.

The picture, form, and fee need to be dropped off at the community center by October 1st.  Voting will take place between Oct 1st and the 31st.  Winners will be announced in the first week of November.  For further information or questions, call the community center at 660-747-7178.