Some residents in Warrensburg are trying to prevent a chicken farm from moving in just north of town.  Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with  adjacent property owner Jerry Swope:

Jerry Swope

Swope says there are several issues with the proposed site of a Tyson Foods facility and land owners have launched an informational campaign to alert people about the possible effects of the farm.  According to Swope, the proposed farm would have an environmental impact as the run-off goes into Post Oak Creek which flows into Blackwater watershed.  A signed petition has been mailed to Tyson Foods’ local and corporate offices as well as state Senators and Representatives.

Legally, Swope is unsure there is anything that can be done to stop the land from being purchased and turned into a mass producer of chicken.  The property sits in an unincorporated section of Johnson County, so there are no zoning restrictions or requirements.  To this point, the purchase of the land is contingent on Tyson Foods agreeing to partner in work on the farm.