Sewer rates increase for Warrensburg residents on Monday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with Public Works Director Marvin Coleman:

Marvin Coleman

Coleman said the city has tried to absorb the increasing costs in the past and this is the largest jump the city has ever made.  The average residential user will see the rate increase from $29.11 per month to $36.39.  The change in rates will show up on customers’ November bill.

Press Release from the City of Warrensburg

The City of Warrensburg would like to remind our sewer billing customers of the following:

· Established residential customers are billed based on two options: “average winter usage” (January, February and March) or the “life line” rate of $5.00 for customers who use less than 200 cubic feet of water per month.

· New residential customers are billed using the default value of 800 cubic feet of water until an “average winter usage” value is established.

· Commercial/industrial customers are billed based on actual water usage.

· If your property uses a septic system or separate sprinkler system, please refer to your bill for instructions.

· Please note that the sewer rate increase is effective October 1 and will appear on your November bill.

Last month, the first sewer bills were issued by the City’s new billing service provider. Errors were brought to our attention, and the City and our billing service provider worked to correct them as quickly and effectively as possible. Below are the errors that we are aware of and the resolutions:

Ø Customer accounts were incorrectly charged gross receipts, county or local sales taxes. These charges have been removed and any payments received will be credited to your account.

Ø Many accounts did not show the correct “average winter usage”. Our new billing service provider has received the correct information on customer accounts. This information may result in a higher or lower bill for some customers.

Ø Landlords should now be receiving only bill(s) for property(ies) where they are responsible for payment. Please review your bill to ensure receipt for the correct premise(s). Tenants are receiving bills for the property where they are responsible for payment.

Ø Please be assured there will be no penalties charged for last month’s billing.

The City of Warrensburg apologizes for any confusion and frustration. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 1-800-955-6598.