The City of Warrensburg is working to re-energize its development process.  The Community Development Department has been turned into a one-stop shop.  Services offered by the department currently include Building Codes and Inspections, Planning and Zoning, and Nuisance Code Enforcement.  Upcoming improvement efforts include technology upgrades and visits to similar departments in other cities.

Press Release from the City of Warrensburg

We’re here to help you! This is the message from the staff of the City’s Community Development Department as they begin streamlining the development process into a one-stop shop.

In today’s economy, the competition to attract new retailers and restaurants to a municipality is fierce. The City of Warrensburg has increased its efforts in recent years to recruit new retail by attending International Council of Shopping Center’s Deal Making conferences and most recently updating marketing materials and adopting an incentive policy. The next step is delivering a fast, flexible, friendly permitting and licensing process for new businesses that choose to do business in Warrensburg.

The Community Development Department includes Building Codes and Inspections, Planning and Zoning, and Nuisance Code Enforcement services. Department staff members have already started the process to change the department’s mission statement to better communicate the message that staff is here to help. We are here to help business owners, developers and homeowners understand the code and, where possible, provide flexibility and possible options without compromising safety and health.

Other efforts to update the department in coming months include an on-line customer satisfaction survey, visits to similar departments in other cities, technology and software updates, and reorganizing staff functions and processes. The department will also reach out to other city staff and utility companies for coordinated plan reviews and site visits with prospective developers on new projects. Cultural changes include tangible items as well as intangible frame of mind and “out-of-the-box” thinking with a glass half full approach. A multi-departmental staff committee will identify ordinances that can be updated or amended to make the zoning and building permit process smoother or less restrictive while ensuring public safety and health is maintained.

For more information on the re-energized development process to better serve you, contact the Community Development Department at 660-747-9135.