According to focus group research conducted for the National Corn Growers Association, Washington policymakers and influencers continue to hold family farmers in high regard. NCGA President Garry Niemeyer says – we are seeing positive movement, with this focus group demonstrating a much better understanding of the prevalence of family farms and of the role that they play in building a successful future for our industry. 
The research also showed that federal policymakers, and those who influence them, recognize the current trend toward successful farming operations with many noting that it is a great time to be a corn grower.  While recognition that agriculture is currently flourishing in the United States, many also indicated a sense that farmers’ futures remain at risk because of the high costs associated with farming.
In general, the group understood farmers contribution to the economy, but they still demonstrated a lack of awareness to decreases in farm program funding that have coincided with rising marketplace success. And a few members expressed disbelief upon learning that 90 percent of the corn grown in American does actually come from family-owned farms.
NAFB News Service