Business owners in Pettis County are currently being encouraged to participate in a study on waste.  Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Education Specialist RuthAnne Parrott:

RuthAnne Parrott

The survey can be found at

Press Release from Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission

Millions of tons of solid waste are generated by Missouri homes, businesses and industry annually. While landfill and waste removal services are costly to utilize, there are often alternatives to landfill disposal that are both environmentally protective and cost-effective. Recovering materials that would otherwise be disposed of as waste is one way to conserve resources and impact your business’s bottom line through savings on waste disposal costs or utilization of recovered materials. To better understand the solid waste generated locally and create opportunities for waste recovery for your business, we request your participation in the following survey.

The County of Pettis applied for and received a grant from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources through the Region F West Central Missouri Solid Waste Management District to fund a “Waste to Product” feasibility study. Region F includes the counties of Pettis, Saline, Johnson, Morgan and Lafayette. The consulting firm of A.L.M. Legal & Business Services, LLC, is working with these entities to conduct a waste stream/feedstock analysis for identifying and analyzing the top five solid waste materials generated in the region and to identify opportunities for recycling these materials locally by potential use partners.

Your participation in this study will be used to identify opportunities for recycling and managing solid waste in the region. Responses to this survey will be aggregated with other responses in the Region for publication by the consultant; however, Region F and other entities may utilize the responses to identify opportunities for waste reduction and matching potential use partners.

Questions or concerns regarding this survey may be included in the final question or addressed to the Consultant at [email protected].