Missouri River levels Wednesday at Waverly were 24 feet, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have predicted that flood waters would peak at 27 to 31 feet in the Lafayette County area. Judd Kneuvean is the chief of emergency management for the KC district. “Safety remains our top priority with the principle focus on life, safety, and the protection of property. Currently, we have no reservoirs that increase surveillance. Our tributaries conditions remain good. We continue to make releases from Milford, Tuttle Creek, Perry, and Clinton in the Kansas River Basin and Truman in the Osage River Basin. These releases will continue into next week,” Kneuvean said.

Kneuvean said flooding in the Kansas City area is expected to be within the minor to moderate category, although areas near St. Joseph and Leavenworth are bracing for more flooding.

As the corps releases record flows from dams to the north, the Missouri River at Boonville is expected to be at or near flood stage for four weeks or longer.

“That stage, 21 feet on the river gauge, is a minimum level to expect at Boonville,” Kneuvean adds. “If the valley receives rainfall similar to that of the past three or four years, gauge readings could rival those of 1995, the second-highest on record.”