The Waverly Police Department will be participating in the Missouri Department of Transportation’s annual Click it or Ticket program.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk to Chief Christopher Looney:

Christopher Looney

According to the Chief, statistics indicate a need for this type of enforcement.  “In Missouri last year, 70% of individuals fatally injured in car accidents were unrestrained,” said Looney, “We’re just trying to get drivers to buckle up and arrive alive.”

Even though education efforts have increased over the years, many people still fail to buckle up each time they step into a vehicle.  “It is very common,” said Looney, “This is especially true for those who are just running from home to the grocery store.  What people fail to realize is the majority of car accidents happen within five miles of home.”

Officers will issue citations to those caught without a seat belt during traffic stops made in Friday’s campaign.

Press Release:

Waverly Police Department will be joining efforts with other law enforcement agencies statewide on February 22 to participate in the MODOT sponsored annual aggressive “Click it or Ticket” campaign to get more motorists to buckle up – and save more lives.

Nearly one in four Missouri motorists are still not wearing their seat belts.  In 2012, 70% of individuals killed in crashes in Missouri were unrestrained.

“Drivers and passengers should expect stricter seat belt enforcement,” said Chief Chris Looney, of the Waverly Police Department, “Law enforcement will be out to remind you to wear your seat belts. It could save your life.”

Buckle Up and Arrive Alive.  For information on Missouri seatbelt usage, visit