MISSOURI— A great amount of passion was shown by U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill while speaking about early education and ‘No Child Left Behind’, psychiatric insurance coverage for military drone fliers, and many other relevant issues during her weekly conference call. Click play below to listen to the conference:mccaskill drones

As the daughter to a World War II veteran, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill has always found herself fighting for the rights of our military men, women, and veterans. During a recent conference call, McCaskill spoke about the need for medical insurance for our soldiers that contains mental health coverage. “We are now asking these combatants, our military, to go out for a day shift and identify and kill the enemy and then come home for supper with their kids.” McCaskill explained the situation that many civilians may not see, “It’s real, it’s not pretend, this is a vast team of people located around the world that are in constant communication. What I would say to the American people is that I think these men and women are taking their job incredibly seriously and I think that is why it’s so stressful because they realize, this is not a game, this is war.”

While military practices and inner workings are a passionate area for Senator McCaskill, she also submerges a large amount of focus on early education. The ‘NO Child Left Behind’ Act, implemented during the Bush Administration, is now under revision in the Senate. “We are making major changes to that legislation because we’ve learned that ‘NO Child Left Behind’ doesn’t work as it was intended to work,” McCaskill said, “I think this is a good way to improve on the legislation that has been in place. We are hopefully going to finish debate on this bill in the next few weeks and send it to the House before the end of the month.”

mccaskill lgbtIn late June, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide and since that day many states have followed the ruling without hesitation, granting couples marriage licenses within days, while other states have remained hesitant and /or even refusing licenses based on “state statutes.” Missouri was one of the states that had conflicting or opposing feelings to this legislation in different counties. To avoid any sense of abstaining from the ruling, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon on Tuesday, July 7th, issued an executive order demanding that all counties across the state uphold the ruling. However, with that issue now at bay, many citizens are wondering what will be done with the Missouri Non-Discrimination Act. McCaskills’ feelings on the matter were expressed in a very short, yet meaningful statement, “I don’t think you should ever be able to fire somebody based on who they love, I think that’s embarrassing for our state.”