The latest crop report from the Missouri Agriculture Statistics Service shows farmers will close the book on soybean harvest in the near future with about 90 percent of the crop in the bin as of Sunday.  Sorghum harvest is also on the last leg with 92 percent of the crop collected.  Winter wheat seeding is nearly complete with almost three-quarters of the crop already emerged.   Wheat condition is rated 2 percent poor, 36 percent fair and 62 percent good to excellent.  While pasture conditions are still less than perfect, fall rains have given acreage in the Show Me a slight boost over a few months ago.  According to the weekly report pasture conditions are rated 56 percent poor to very poor, 30 percent fair and 14 percent good, that compares to late August when those numbers were 89 percent very poor, 10 percent poor, and 1 percent fair.