MU Extension provides individuals across the state with a wide-variety of continuing education opportunities including Master Gardener classes and weekly horticulture tips.

GALLATIN, Mo. — Northwest Region Horticulture Specialist, Tim Baker has put together a new gardening tip for listeners across the state. Each week Baker will release a short clip on various plant and greenery topics.

In this week’s edition of Horticulture Tips, Baker explains how simple observation can go a long way in growing fruits and vegetables this summer.

One of the keys to successful gardening is careful observation of your gardening environment,” Baker said. “Break your yard down into zones and watch them carefully several times a day.”

Looking at the soil in your yard, ask the following questions:

  • Does the soil drain quickly or slowly?
  • Is your garden entirely in the sun or are parts of it in a shaded area?
  • Where do the shadows fall if your garden is not entirely in the sun?

“Perhaps those sun-loving plants have become shaded by trees through the years,” Baker added. “Careful observation will go a long way in giving you a green thumb.”

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