Blue Springs CouncilBLUE SPRINGS, Mo. — The Blue Springs City Council met in regular session Monday night. (A broadcast of the full meeting can be found here)

On the agenda were several key items for discussion, including a presentation and public hearing for a property addition to the Adams Farm Project, and the rezoning of the Northridge Apartments.

The meetings got underway at 6:30 at the Multipurpose Room of the Municipal Annex. Mayor Ross called the meeting to order and announced a small amendment to the agenda. Rather than beginning with the Adams Farm Project discussion, the council first hear comments on the Fall Creek Community Improvement District.

Attorney Kurt Peterson spoke on behalf of the Fall Creek Mall, the applicant for the Community Improvement District. Peterson proposed two ordinances that would allow the Blue Springs to work with the Fall Creek Community Improvement District.

“The purpose for both of those, the only purpose, is to improve the district,” Peterson said. “To take its current bonds that are outstanding, and replace them or refinance them with a loan from a private bank, security bank.”

Both ordinances were approved by the council without discussion or opposition.

Adams DairyThe council moved to hear presentations on the Adams Farm Project, a retail development project that began in 2008. Representatives for the project made proposals to add property to the district and implement a tax increment plan to pay off existing bonds.

The bonds for the Adams Farm Landing Community Improvement District provided support by the city, to the developers. The money reimbursed partial costs associated with the development of the retail center.

The presentation at Monday’s meeting provided a plan for slowly removing the city’s support and add additional property to the area for additional retailers.

“Opening a shopping center in this time frame, in my experience, was one of the most challenging things ever,” Jeff Haney, Red Development spokesman said. “Through a lot  effort, which we have to thank (the council) for, we made this a success when a lot of other projects across the country like this failed.”

Haney expressed his pride in the financial success of the Adams Dairy Landing through the Great Recession. He says more contracts with national retailers are still pending, and the sales numbers with the center exceeded projected expectations.

“I’m really happy,” Mayor Haney stated. “Certainly everybody else is happy to be able to have those retail stores in Blue Springs. One of the problems we were facing until this happened is something that I commonly call ‘sales tax leakage.’

“Blue Springs residents can now actually spend their money in Blue Springs, which help the city fund those basic essential needs that every city need to provide to its citizens.”

The Council heard comments from other members involved with the Adams Farm Project before discussing the ordinances. Without opposition, ordinances were passed to add property to the Adams Dairy Landing, and create a tax increment finance plan to pay back the bonds issued in 2010.

In other action, council members heard comments from a spokesperson for the North Ridge Cottages. Ordinances passed to approve the rezoning and concept plan for the building.

Mayor Ross ended the meeting with his thoughts to ponder: “Tonight’s come from David Frost, ‘Don’t aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.'”