Enbridge's pipeline proposal.

Enbridge’s pipeline proposal.

Progress is moving forward on Enbridge Incorporated’s 600-mile-pipeline. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk with Flanagan South Pipeline Spokesperson Kevin O’Connor:

Kevin O’Connor

Pipe is being moved from the yards. “Typically it’s going on semis that will take two to three 80-foot joints of pipe to a right-of-way. That pipe  is then, they refer to it as stringing, so it is strung along the pipeline route, right along the ditch line of where the pipeline is going to lay,” said O’Connor.

Residents are able to see some of the results from the work being accomplished. “Cleaning and grating of the right-of-way has begun. Some of the stringing of the pipe has begun. Welding is going to kick off here on the 10th, so next week the welding will actually start in your area,” O’Connor said, “The entire route is divided into four different spreads, and spread three starts right in your area. So the welding will start in that area on the 10th and start to move south toward the Kansas border.”

Construction should be completed in the early springtime, and the Flanagan South Pipeline is expected to be operational by the middle of the year. Once in use, it will be capable of transporting 600,000 barrels of oil per day.