Wentworth Military College has implemented a new scholarship program for local graduates. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Pounds speak with CFO, Lieutenant Colonel Glenn Miller.

Glenn Miller

Miller said the new Wentworth-Plus Program will allow students to complete two years of college at an affordable cost. “We got to looking at the areas we serve here; Lexington, Lamar, Hermitage, and Cameron. We know there are a lot of people in this area who want to be educated, but maybe can’t afford it. We know that student loans are going through the roof and now the government may increase interest rates significantly.” He added, “I think people are looking for an affordable, but quality education. So, this way they can get the first two years of general education, then move onto their four-year institution. They will essentially come out with half of the cost they would with the traditional four-year route.”

Miller said the school has the ability to accommodate twice the number of students currently in attendance. “With our physical plant the way it is and the four locations we can probably double our enrollment without having to alter our facilities. We would just continue to add classes as necessary.” He added, “If we have one section of English and we need two, we’ll just add another section. So, we’re capable of expanding pretty quickly as the needs arise.

Any student who meets the requirements of the A-Plus program will be eligible for the scholarship. The funding applies to all four Wentworth campuses.