CARROLLTON (KMZU) — Pat Guinan the weather man starts off this week’s horticulture town hall with a forecast for next week.

As the temperature changes, it’s time to start thinking about bringing those house plants inside. Horticulture specialist Kathi Mecham gives tips on how to successfully complete this task.

Mecham says transferring plants indoors is a good time to assess their health.

Plants aren’t the only thing that have reactions to season changing. The fall is yet another time of year that causes allergy-ridden folks to have flare ups, but what exactly is to blame for this? Horticulture specialist Donna Aufdenberg cites two plants that come to mind.

Starting with ragweed, a summer annual that won’t come back unless it starts from seed, Aufdenberg says these plants can carry many different grains of pollen if they get the chance to go to seed.

In contrast to goldenrod, the pollen that comes off of this plant is heavier, and more likely to be carried by insects.

In this week’s friend or foe segment, horticulture specialist Tamra Reall talked about ant lions. The results of the poll were mixed, but Reall explains why she believes these insects are friends.

Reall explains the process of how ant lions kill ants.