Regulations related to the operation and use of wheelchairs on Chillicothe streets were discussed at this week’s council meeting.  City Administrator Ike Holland said an ordinance, which was adopted on Monday, includes all mobility devices that travel at a speed of less than 20 miles per hour.  According to Holland, operators must abide by pedestrian laws.  Click to hear Holland:

Ike Holland

The ordinance encompasses all mobility devices that do not exceed 20 miles per hour.  The policy states that the operator must use a sidewalk when one is present.  If a sidewalk is not available and the individual is using the roadway, they must stay to the left on one-way streets and they must face traffic on two-way roads.  According to the ordinance, only handicapped individuals may operate a wheelchair or scooter on city streets.  All mobilized devices must have an orange flag for visibility purposes.