Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Kansas  City Meteorologist Andy Bailey:

Andy Bailey

The National Weather Service is marking Wednesday as Winter Weather Awareness Day.  Bailey said it’s an excellent time to make sure both your home and vehicle are prepared for the season.  “It wouldn’t hurt to have a technician come out and check your furnace just to make sure there’s no carbon monoxide leaks,” said Bailey, “For your vehicle, now is the time to check the tires and make sure you have enough tread to have traction in the snow.  It’s also the time to throw in an extra blanket or coat into the trunk of your car.”

Bailey also wants people need to be aware of the weather forecast and understand the terms used when advisories are issued.  “We will issue a winter storm watch sometimes up to four or five days in advance,” said Bailey, “That’s where we’re about 50% sure that we will have some sort of major winter storm impacting the region and that’s mainly just a heads-up for folks.  Now, when we get 36 to 48 hours within the event, and we become quite certain that we’re going to have a strong winter storm, we will issue what’s called a winter storm warning.  That’s when people really need to take precautions such as stocking up on nonperishable food items and making alternative plans if they will be traveling during that time period.”

Additional information about winter weather and preparedness tips can be found at the following websites: