(Photo Courtesy of Peterson Farm Brothers)


ASSARIA, Kan.  — What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the word, farmer? Odds are, that vision is wrong. At least, that’s what three farming brothers have learned through their work with and feedback from youth all over the United States and Canada. Raised on a family farm near Assaria, Kan., the Peterson Farm Brothers, Greg, 29, Nathan, 26, and Kendal, 24, are farmers and have absolutely broken the mold of farming stereotypes.

Through speaking engagements, the brothers teach youth all about farming and agriculture. They are so dedicated to doing so, they’ve traveled all around the world.


To add to the educational speaking engagements to teach children about agriculture, they have found another avenue to fun with it. Incorporating social media, they do everything from serious videos to song parodies. Through this venue,  the farm brothers reach audiences others have failed to connect with and have garnered close to 100 million views on Facebook and YouTube, alone. All thanks to one brother’s idea almost a decade ago.


Peterson told KMZU that he started really getting into the idea of keeping this going to not only educate younger audiences, but to help all age groups understand there are a lot of misconceptions about what a farmer is.


Keeping the content of all videos family-friendly is a big deal to the brothers. Peterson says they always try to keep that in mind when doing anything, but especially their social media posts. In today’s culture, that can be a challenge. KMZU asked Greg how the brothers avoid deviating from those values in order to remain popular.


The Peterson Farm Brothers amassed enough attention that Pioneer Seeds teamed up with the guys to help make a difference by donating to FFA for each share of the Corn Revolution video.


In spite of all of their hard work and success, the Peterson Farm Brothers, at times, receive negative feedback. Greg Peterson tells KMZU what he wants everyone to know about himself and his family.


Below are a few examples of what have made the Peterson Farm Brothers so popular and part of what they do when they have free time from farm chores.

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