Update (Monday 11:50 a.m.) – Lexington Police Chief Don Rector said his department is investigating an alleged assault that occurred on Friday night. The victim was taken to the hospital and investigators have submitted evidence for testing. The Lexington Police Department did not want to confirm any names. Rector said it could take several weeks before results are known.

Update (9:45 p.m.) – In response to the previous story, Kenny Jobe, Shawna’s husband, called KMZU News to report that his wife did not set herself on fire.  He said his wife was the victim of a more serious crime.

A Lexington woman at the center of an investigation into a string of suspicious house and vehicle fires is said to have set herself on ablaze Friday. A number of KMZU listeners said Shawna Jobe doused her body with hairspray and lit herself on fire. The news comes one day after KMZU published reports about the State Fire Marshal’s Office and Lexington Police Department’s probe into two vehicle fires and five blazes at the Jobe’s home from April to July 2012. Jobe is believed to be hospitalized with severe injuries. Officials have refused to comment on the situation.