ODESSA, Mo.– This morning, Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call from a resident in Odessa regarding two men at her residence asking for gas.

After officers showed up, one was left dead and the other in custody.

Julie Johnston Anderson, the woman who initially called the sheriff’s office to report the men, gives her account of the incident.

“I can’t believe that I am having to post this today, which started out as a normal morning. I am sharing this [through] Facebook to simmer down the rumors and to let our many friends know that we are ok. Our phones have been blowing up with calls and text messages. Here are the facts: This morning I went into town and came straight home. There were 2 men in my driveway. They asked for gasoline. I asked them to go to the end of the drive and I will bring them some. (No, I’m not that generous but I wanted them away from my home.) I called Lafayette County Sheriff’s office. They responded. The deputy spoke with the men. A man pulled a gun, the officer responded and the man was fatally wounded. No, I don’t know the men, where they were going and don’t know what their true intentions were.
I am thankful for the men that responded, dropping everything they were doing to come help my distress call. I don’t think I can thank them enough for just being there. And, if you are a praying person, please keep the deputy that had to make the final shot today. This doesn’t happen everyday around here and I can only imagine how he feels. Thankful for quick thinking and response, he gets to go home tonight.”

Lafayette County dispatch received a 911  call today at approximately 9 a.m., all stating two men were at the reporting party’s house asking for gasoline. A Lafayette County deputy responded to that location and made contact with the vehicle and the two men. One of the men produced a firearm and was fatally shot by the deputy. The other man surrendered to the deputy and is currently incarcerated in the Lafayette County Jail.

The incident is under further investigation. The name of the deceased can be released once there has been a positive identification made and notified of next of kin. The other suspect has not been formally charged at this time.