In honor of the 70th anniversary coming up on the 14th of August that commemorates the end of World War two, the Mushroom Festival in Richmond is honoring World War Two veterans.

WWII veteran, Mr. F.G. Weary, who lives in Richmond spoke with KMZU’s Shaylee Miller about his time of service. Weary was a member of the 90th Infantry of the U.S. Army and the 1st Infantry Division. Weary also received five Bronze Campaign Stars during his time of service.

Another WWII veteran Mr. Kenneth Holland spoke with KMZU’s Shaylee Miller about one of the more dangerous experiences he had while upon the ship. Kenneth Holland a WWII veteran from Ray County tells KMZU the extent to which his family served the country.

WWII veteran, Mr. G.C. Myers, served in the Amphibious forces in the Navy during his service.

Mr. George Brock, another Ray County WWII veteran spoke about his time served under President Dwight D. Eisenhower, when Eisenhower was known as General Eisenhower. Mr. Brock received five Bronze Campaign Stars and one Silver Star.