The Board of the Carroll County YMCA is working toward getting bringing the association to the area.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Board Member Abbie Backes:

Abbie Backes

Press Release from the Carroll County Area YMCA

The Carroll County Area YMCA Board of Directors met for the second time on Wednesday, January 10, 2013. There are numerous subcommittees working diligently to get the YMCA functional as soon as possible. Highlights are:

• Financial Development—There is great support for our YMCA with $93,507 collected to date. Another public fund raising campaign will begin soon to allow other Carroll County community members the opportunity to become a part of this exciting effort.

• Programming—Carroll County residents will be able to give input into the programs they believe are needed for our YMCA. Those surveys will be available by the end of January online and through the newspapers. Your input is very important.

• YMCA Website—A Carroll County Area YMCA website will be up and going by February 1st. The domain name is so join us as we develop this important tool for your use.

• YMCA Director—The Personnel Committee is busy seeking the best candidate for this crucial position. As soon as that person is named, there will be a public announcement.

• YMCA Location—A Task Force has identified some highly visible locations for the YMCA office. Once that selection is made this month, it will be made public.

Although there is still much work to be done, your Carroll County Area YMCA is coming together quickly to serve the children and adults in our Carroll County area.