CARROLLTON, Mo. — A man from Trenton was sentenced in the death of Chillicothe resident, Danette Rardon, Tuesday.

Shawn Yuille was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the murder of Rardon and endangering the life, body, and health of his daughter.

Yuille was operating his car and inhaling air duster while his daughter was a passenger in the vehicle.

He was driving north on Washington Street in Chillicothe in November of 2017 when he lost consciousness as a result of inhaling the air duster.

Yuille’s foot then mashed the gas pedal, accelerating the car to nearly 90 miles per hour by the time he smashed into the side of Rardon’s vehicle as she proceeded at an intersection.

Following sentencing the Livingston County Prosecutor stated:

“Today a Grundy County man, Shawn Yuille, was sentenced to 35 years for the death of Danette Rardon of Chillicothe, and for endangering the life, body, and health of the Defendant’s own daughter. The felony murder charge was brought as a result of Mr. Yuille inhaling air duster with the daughter as a passenger while operating his vehicle on November 25, 2017, north-bound on Washington Street. The duster caused Defendant’s loss of consciousnesses, and the vehicle traveled through downtown Chillicothe with a wide-open throttle (mashed by an unconscious operator) where he hit Ms. Rardon’s vehicle (pictured below) broad-side at approximately 88 mph as she was proceeding from her intersection with a green light. Air Duster abuse is rampant in this county. The problem is not over. Today police indicate yet another single-car accident involving air duster abuse happened this morning. Stay away from Air Duster. It’s not a safe alternative to any drug. It is deadly, and has killed old schoolmates of mine. Today it claimed 35 years from Mr. Yuille and his family. It claimed Danette, which tore a hole in the fabric of her family and our community, without warning. Consider yourself warned. Report abusers today.”

Images sourced from the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney.