Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson speak with Sean Putney the Director of Living Collections at the Kansas City Zoo:

Sean Putney

The Kansas City Zoo is hosting a Noon Year’s Eve party!  “It’s all going to start at the polar bear exhibit and we will have a timed count down to toss a ball in with the bears,” said Putney, “It’ll almost be like the ball dropping from the tower in New York.  After that, we’ll have a little celebration at our bird show.  Then we’ll have a few other things that are going on at our indoor facilities and there will be a DJ inside the zoo, too.”

During the day, visitors will get to see some animals playing with new year’s presents.  “We do enrichment on a regular basis with all of our animals,” Putney explained, “This is just one more way to enrich their lives yet have a little bit of fun because it’s the new year.  So, we’ll be putting some streamers out and some other New Year’s Eve fun stuff for some of the animals inside.  This is not only enriching for the animals, but it’s a lot of fun for our guests to watch the animals as they’re going around exploring their habitats with some of these new things for them to play with.”

The zoo is a place where, no matter your age, you always learn something new and have a blast while you’re at it.  “It’s always fun to come to the zoo,” said Putney, “You never know what you are going to see with the animals, so it should be another fun and exciting event, not only for the animals but for the visitors that come to watch them, too.”

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